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After participating to the Earth Day Italy's "Il Villaggio Per La Terra" last April, the International FXC Federation, the Governing Body of the FXC - Fireball Extreme Challenge™ has today officially announced it will promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals among its members, and pledged their commitment with the #FXC4CLIMATE initiative aimed to support existing non-profit projects related to some of the SDGs goals.

"We are all very concerned about the future of our planet - declared Max Bartoli, Co-Founder and CEO of the Int.'l FXC Federation - and many of our athletes in Mexico and Italy are already actively involved in cleaning beaches, planting trees and limiting their own consumption of fossil fuel by telecommuting to work and/or to school by bike or by bus. Our decision to embrace the UN SDGs, de facto a roadmap to build a better future and to save the planet, was an obvious choice".

"We only have one planet - added Fabiola Lopez Rivera, Co-founder and President of the Mexican FXC Federation - and if we want to continue practicing sports we better do everything we can to keep the temperature down. Fast. Here in Veracruz some of our athletes are already forced to train after 9pm with still 30 degrees Celsius. A warmer planet would deeply effect our capacity to stay active and perform any type of physical activity".

The members of the Mexican National FXC team were the first to commit. Each of them chose to become a testimonial of one of the SDG. Personalized T-shirts with their names and the chosen SDG were distributed yesterday during their last training session.

During the next few months they will clean beaches and plant trees in areas of the Riviera Veracruzana and of Veracruz after each training session of match. They will invite everyone to join them on and off the court.

The International FXC Federation will launch sustainable and climate-change related initiative in Italy and Spain starting from the month of September.


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