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On November 11th, 2021, The International FXC Organization in association with the Mexican FXC Federation, the Associazione Italiana Cultura and Sport (AICS), the Mexican Instituto del Deporte de los Trabajadores (INDET) have announced the names of the teams participating to the next FXC tournaments, both at club and state level.

In the championship for clubs the participating teams will be:

  • Kraken FXC

  • Capitanes Boca de Rio

  • Capitanes Orizaba

  • Leones Qro

  • Panteras Qro

  • Linces Qro

  • Titanes Qro

  • Sharks FXC

  • Jaguares FXC

  • Heroicos de Zitacuaro

The championship will see the teams competing with a double elimination format.

The eagerly awaited sporting event will finally answer some of the questions of many FXC fans. Will the Lions of Queretaro, the current reigning champions, be able to reconfirm themselves in first place? In the final of the last tournament played last May, they won against the Chiapas Sharks by just one point, after a heated game full of twists. Will they be able to find themselves in the final again? Will the Veracruz teams of the Captains of Boca del Rio, Orizaba and the Kraken be able to maintain the leadership in the general classification at the international level or will they also be undermined by this record?

All the games will be played with the short formula, one game per team with all the captains serving the ball only once (in the long version the games are from 3 to 5 and each captain serves twice consecutively). This game mode is physically easier, but does not allow for room for error.

Two American players, Romone F. Penny and John Darren Williams II - after being loaned out by the D.C. Falcons - will be playing with Jonny Arregui's Krakens.

At state level the Mexican states participating are:

  • Veracruz

  • Michoacan

  • Queretaro

  • Chiapas

The format used will be the Round Robin.


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